I now have the coping techniques to avoid panic and relax instead.

Before starting anxiety treatment some days blurred together like one big long panic attack. I couldn’t think straight and felt like I was in a fog most of the time. Sometimes I thought I was having a heart attack. I thought I would never be able to function well in social situations again. I would worry about having a panic attack and that created more panic. I finally found relief by coming to Anxiety Treatment Services. After just ten weeks I can now recognize when I am tensing up and creating worry and use the tools I have gotten to relax and let go of it. Now the thought of a panic attack is not a scary thing. I have the coping techniques to avoid panic and relax instead. I used to turn to medication for relief, now I look forward to deep breathing because I know it will relax me and help me slow down. I feel more freedom and enjoy going out to dinner, to school functions and talking to customers – something I thought I wouldn’t be able to do. I know a lot of people are ashamed of panic attacks. I was. I want people to know it is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s O.K. to get help. J.S.

I am flying again.

Thank you Dr. Dufford. I am flying again. All the positive thinking, meditation, and airport visits helped greatly. I will continue to learn how to relax, but all is on a healthy path now. K.P.

18 year phobia of choking. After 3 sessions I eat anything I want

For 18 years I had anxiety especially a phobia of choking. I stopped eating normal food, only ate soft food, avoided restaurants and sometimes wouldn’t eat all out of fear. It affected my family and the way I lived. After three session with Dr. Dufford I haven’t had any panic, I am relaxed in crowds, I eat comfortably in restaurants and eat anything I want without thinking about it. I shouldn’t have waited so long to get the proper type of help for my problem. J.A.

Now I only check things once …

I was checking everything, before going to bed, burners, oven, doors, etc. It took two hours to check things – getting to bed at 3:00 a.m. I used your CD for OCD plus being in therapy . Now I only check things once, if that, and go straight to bed. It’s five to ten minutes tops to check pre-bed. I’m getting much more sleep now! B.K.

I was very shy… I am talking more, leading meetings, I don’t stutter …

I was very shy and afraid to talk to people, afraid to talk at work, afraid I’d say the wrong thing. It’s been less than three months since starting therapy and now I am talking more, starting conversations with people at work and when I’m out. I am leading meetings at work now and talking comfortably with clients. I’ve noticed I don’t stutter any more either. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for you. Thank you Dr. Dufford. L.L.

Had a nice flight…no pre-anxiety like always had.

I did another trip to Hawaii and back and just got back last night. I did really good.! It really helps me- the CD you made for me. That’s the key for me. I listen to that CD all the time and that helps me. Every time I have to make a trip I start listening to my CD. I seem to do really well. I did have a nice flight with no pre-anxiety like I always had. So thanks Dr. T.J.

I don’t live in fear anymore from PTSD. Thank you. You are rare.

With doing EMDR therapy for PTSD for the first time in my life I’m being set free. I don’t have to live in fear anymore. I’m able to sleep more normally. I haven’t done that in over 20 years. I wish everyone in the world would know about you. Dr. I want to thank you. You are rare. R.S.

After beginning therapy I began to sleep well…it feels like a miracle

I am very grateful. I took a leap seeing you for therapy. My M.D. sent me to a Psychiatrist who prescribed Ambien and Sonata. Then I saw his wife, and LCSW who prepared some relaxing tapes for me. Nothing changed for me. I could only sleep 3 to 5 hours per night. I was miserable. It was so bad for my being to not sleep. A lot of things broke down. A friend told me about cognitive-behavioral therapy. Shortly after beginning the therapy with you I began to sleep well -no more pills! It feels like a miracle but I know it’s due to your skill, Dr. Dufford and the effect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I also benefited from the meditation, biofeedback and EMDR techniques you shared with me. I feel so much better now that I am sleeping well again. Thank you so much for what you did for me. J.G.

Social anxiety is at a non-existent low ebb… I’m more comfortable…

I initially came in with severe social anxiety. Now it is at a non-existent low ebb. I’m out there doing things like clubs, dinner, dating. I’m also more comfortable interacting with people at work. I felt anxious and helpless before in social situations, now it’s like I have my own internal nurturing parent. I’ve made a lot of strides since starting therapy. I feel comfortable now. M.Z.

OCD: it’s 180 degrees different now. I feel great.

I had a problem with thinking everything was contaminated. I couldn’t touch my computer without cleaning my hands first. I couldn’t touch the door handle or water faucets in the bathroom. I couldn’t leave a room without having to constantly check to make sure I had left nothing behind. I learned to analyze my compulsions and obsessions. I learned that everything is not dirty or contaminated. I also learned that I needed to stop giving into the compulsions, as they provided only short term relief. I also learned to stop worrying about everything and about things I had no control over. After less than three months of therapy it’s 180 degrees different now. I don’t even carry antibacterial cream with me anymore and I used to use it constantly. My brain has changed. I don’t even think about these things now. I feel great. I also have learned meditation techniques from Dr.Dufford that have helped me to overcome my worries. I also now have a framework and set of skills that I can use to apply to any future OCD flare ups. It’s amazing to me the changes from therapy. S.P.

Releasing the emotional wall…being the real me…confident… at peace

I really like the EMDR we’ve been doing. It’s releasing the emotional wall built up that was keeping me from being the real me. This has been helping. I do feel more confident now. I’m really glad I came to a therapist. I feel more at peace. The fears I had now seem foolish. S.W.

You helped me with elevators

I want to say thank you for all the help you gave me. Especially you helped me with elevators. I want you to know that I have been going on elevators, even by myself. Thank you again. L.N.

Hated needles, panicked in the dentist chair… a calm, wonderful experience

I’m 52 and have been afraid of the dentist since I was 13. I hated needles and panicked in the dentist chair. I came in the day before an emergency dental appointment anxious, frantic and desperate. I’m just calling to say thank you, thank you, thank you. It totally worked. I had a completely calm and OK, wonderful experience at the dentist. You totally rock dude! E.B.

Severe panic… I’m feeling great…flying, driving again… a life saver

I was having severe panic attacks, trouble meeting with customers and employees. I was also having problems flying and getting very anxious when driving with someone in my car because I was nervous about having to pull over to handle my panic attack. I’ve had panic attacks since High School but at that time I didn’t know what it was. The therapy I’ve received has helped me out greatly. I learned that I was causing the panic attacks by thinking negative thoughts. I know now how to let them go! I’ve also learned that exercise is very important to recovery as well as eating properly. I’ve learned several techniques including breathing techniques to help me deal with stress. I have been flying again, driving and attended our annual business meeting with no problems. I’m currently feeling great. This has truly been a life saver. I am lucky to have found you. M.M.

Depressed, crying… feeling better, laughing, life is moving on.

I had depression, low energy level, no motivation to do anything. My sleep patterns were off, stressed about work situation, feeling betrayed by work, feeling stressed in person relationships and crying at anything. I went to therapy and learned various techniques/tools to deal with life – meditation, journaling, rapid eye movement. I learned to face what was really bothering me, to look for the root cause. A year later I am feeling better, have a job again and a new relationship. I am dealing better with stresses since I learned tools to deal with stress. I am laughing a lot with my fiancé, we are getting married in a few months. My life is moving on. C.W.

A caring, supportive counselor… I felt that with you.

I meant to send you a note much sooner, months ago, to basically write and thank you for all the help you gave me in therapy. I have made some tremendous strides over the years and recognize that when I have worked with a caring, supportive counselor, I have been able to access and release much of my past, and I particularly felt that with you. So thank you! L.A.

Difficulty urinating in public restrooms… everything is going well

Prior to therapy I had difficulty urinating in public restrooms. Up until a year ago I could at least urinate in stalls but lately I couldn’t even do that. It caused a lot of frustration and anxiety having to anticipate my day and where and how I’ll be able to urinate. What has helped the most in therapy is realizing I had general stress and nervousness and dealing with that, learning breathing skills, using the relaxation CD. Also Dr. Dufford’s demeanor – calm, quietly redirecting, encouraging – sessions were relaxing. Recently, about a month after starting therapy I walked into a busy bath room, went right away, even with a couple people in the bathroom. In other situations as well I went just fine – maybe 20 seconds to breathe, relax, release. Everything is going well. I went to other therapists who didn’t help. Dr. Dufford restored my faith in therapy. T.O.

Mortal fear of shots… now no problem I go to the Dr. feeling good.

I was afraid of the doctors office. I thought every time one went to the doctor they went there for a shot and I was mortally afraid of needles and getting a shot. The scent of the hospital made me light headed, I was afraid the person would slip with the needle and shove it into my arm. Doing therapy and using the CD Dr. Dufford made for me I desensitized all my fears about shots by changing my thinking, watched videos of shots and went to the doctor’s office and just breathed to get used to the scent. Now after having shots with no problem I feel unafraid. I can go to the doctor feeling good and I don’t have to worry about anything. Shots are fine, they don’t hurt, they’re good for me. I feel good, everything is alright. T.C.

I felt good about the exam. I went in feeling really confident.

I had an oral exam coming up for work. I was anxious and having negative thoughts “what if I don’t pass”, “I won’t know the answer,” “what if feel panicky and want to run from the room”. After one session and using the Relaxation/Guided Imagery CD I felt good about the exam. It really helped. I went in feeling really confident. Even though it was a small room with a panel of examiners, I wasn’t nervous. I passed no problem. D.B.

I feel much better… coming out of a fog… seems like such a quick time

At the worst I was having panic attacks going over bridges and overpasses, self esteem not very high, anxiety over skin cancer surgery. I was somewhat fixated on my appearance. I realized that my depression began 18 years ago after heart transplant surgery. I was experiencing general malaise and no real direction in life. After initiating therapy I began to listen very carefully to Dr. Dufford and my own self talk, questioning my thoughts and challenging them. With the bridges that took longer. With baby steps I eventually conquered that fear. I feel much better now, like coming out of a fog. My energy is good and my esteem is high. The bridge and appearance issues seem like distant memories. It seems like such a quick time – just over three months since starting therapy. It seems like the negativity I built up in my mind disappeared so quickly. S.D.

After one session of EMDR the neck pain went away.

I had neck pain for about a year. Physical therapy and medication did not help. After one session of EMDR with you the pain went away. That was about three years ago. S.M.

Dr. Dufford helped me become the joyful person I once was – again.

I was experiencing constant anxiety, insomnia, despair, panic attacks, feelings of failure, fear of not being able to sleep, confusion, second – guessing myself, worry about money, trying to please others, lack of perspective, unable to cope. I learned techniques for regaining perspective, minimizing problems, controlling “what-if” thinking, using breathing exercises to calm my mind and body, relearned how to relate normally (healthfully) to the world around me, accepted reality and gained perspective on my job experience and life experience. Today I am thousand times better than when I started. I’m happy and look forward to each day. I no longer anticipate negative outcomes. I feel self-reliant and self determined again. I’m glad I left my damaging job environment and feel wiser and more capable of taking care of myself because of the experience. Dr. Dufford’s guidance has helped me become the joyful person I once was – again. L.H.

I had stage fright… I was calm. My solos went really, really well.

Even though I am an accomplished singer I was afraid to do a solo in performance- even in practice. The last time I tried it was very painful. I had stage fright and was afraid of being judged, getting anxious and running out of breath. I worked on it with Dr. Dufford using breathing techniques, imagery rehearsal, EMDR and changing my self-talk. Since then I have performed two solos – one in a really big concert. I was calm. It went really, really well, better than I ever expected. M.R.

Having panic attacks driving, at work,etc… I am comfortable again.

I feel good now. Two and-a-half months ago (before anxiety treatment) I was generally anxious all the time, having panic attacks while driving and at work. I couldn’t go into buildings or elevators, was anxious in the mall, and night-time, clouds and rain all caused anxiety. Now I am comfortable in all those situations. Work is a safe place for me. I haven’t had obsessive thoughts in a while. I have the tools to stop the anxiety now. It is also inspiring to be in the support group – to see other people doing so well and to know I am not alone with these problems. I’m very happy. D.G.

I tolerated anxiety, panic and hopelessness for 15 years. I was in hell – now life is pretty good.

I tolerated anxiety, panic and hopelessness for 15 years. What I got from Anxiety Treatment Services is that I know myself a heck of a lot better. I actually know what I do myself that creates the anxiety spiral. I know what I need to do to stop it from ever starting. I was in hell – now life is pretty good. It has been an enormous growth experience – an interesting journey. I’m now happy with myself and who I am. I wish I had gotten help sooner. It was worth the effort. A.D.

I never thought I would be able to be free of trichotillomania like this.

Before starting therapy with Dr. Dufford I had IBS, trichotillomania, worrying a lot, circular thinking, rescuing other people, nail biting and negative thinking involved in many aspects of my life and on a daily basis. I was doubtful that therapy could help. All of the CDs, especially the one about rescuing helped me when I wasn’t able to have a session with Dr. Dufford. I also use the muscle tension release (PMR) a lot. It helps me release the anxiety physically- instead of pulling or worrying. The breathing techniques help clear my head because sometimes my thoughts mushroom into tons of other thoughts. Now, 5 months later, I feel more in control of my mind. At first I thought that thinking just happened and there was nothing I could do to stop or change my patterns. Now I know better. I don’t get IBS anymore and trich has been really good. Before, I pulled my hair and bit my nails constantly every day for about 11 years since 4th grade. It was hard to stop – it would go on unconsciously. Now I am aware and think of alternatives. I usually go 5 days or more without pulling or biting at all, then if I do it’s only one hair, then I immediately stop. I definitely feel like I’m a lot better with it. I never thought I would be able to be free of trich like this. This whole therapy experience has been beneficial to me and the people around me.   –K.E.


I am amazed with the results… I would recommend Dr. Dufford to everyone.

I should first say that I am not really a therapy kind of person. I found myself in a situation where I experienced a panic attack, which I had never experienced before. I was at first a little skeptical of his methods, but I figured I would keep an open mind and give it a chance. I have to say I am amazed with the results. I would recommend Dr. Dufford to everyone.  T. M.


I passed my exam!   Thanks s-o-o-o much, Dr. Dufford!

Dr. Dufford was referred to me by a trusted friend. I sought Dr. Dufford’s help for extreme test anxiety. I called less than two weeks before my exam (one that I failed before because of my anxiety) and he responded immediately. He was reassuring, calm and expressed confidence in my ability to manage my anxiety and (ideally) pass my exam.  While studying, his treatment methods helped me gain immediate mastery over my anxiety and fear. During the exam, I used his techniques to restore my sense of calm and stay calm- and I passed my exam!  Thanks s-o-o-o much, Dr. Dufford!!     -M.R.


I have OCD and these recordings helped save my emotional life…

Dr. Dufford has a direct but personable approach to treating OCD and Anxiety disorders. I especially recommend his mp3 or CDs of Self Help Tools for Anxiety Relief and other Emotional issues. I have OCD and these recordings helped save my emotional life immensely during my relapse.  Highly recommended.   J.C.


Dr. Dufford helped me get over phobias…   he changed my life.

Dr. Dufford helped me get over phobias that I thought I’d have to live with the rest of my life. I can honestly say that he changed my life. If you feel like life is hopeless as a result of anxiety and/or phobias, please give it a try. You will never work so hard in your entire life, but Dr. D is there to support and guide you the entire time. It can be pricey, but wouldn’t you give anything to live the life you deserve to live? It is definitely not a quick fix and I have had minor set-backs and I have checked in with him via email (at no cost) and he has supported me. I cannot say enough about him.    –J.C.


I enjoy the here and now.  I can’t believe the change in my life…

I wish I could give a 10 star rating. I saw Dr. Dufford about ten years ago and I can’t believe the change in my life, even today!  I’ve learned to relax, get in touch with myself and set aside the tough memories and pain from the past. I enjoy the here and now. I still use the coping skills I learned in the Anxiety Treatment Services support group. Dr. Dufford  is amazing, you have finally found the help you have been looking for!


These mp3s really bring me back to center.  You’ve been the most helpful for me.

Dr. Dufford, I just reviewed this mp3 (Keys to Happiness) – I think it is the best. Thank you. By the way, you’ve been the most helpful for me. (I have seen a lot of other therapists before) I very much appreciate and am so thankful and glad to have these mp3s. They really bring me back to center. Very helpful.  –A.S.

I had become extremely agoraphobic …   today… I feel normal again.

Dr. Dufford is great! He offers a wide variety of methods for overcoming fears and relieving anxiety. I started seeing Dr. Dufford several months ago. At that time I had become extremely agoraphobic (afraid to drive to school, find a job, even avoiding going to the grocery store). But today I have a great job that I love, I am going back to school and I even do things alone now! I am still working with Dr. Dufford and going to group to help change negative self-talk and managing my anxiety, but I am doing great and my family and friends have seen a huge change. I feel normal again!


Trich:  Pulling for 30 years. I have a new feeling inside, I am more confident. I’m doing well.

I was tired of looking in the mirror and feeling disappointed because I’d pulled my eyebrows. Researching you I wasn’t sure I could be comfortable with a male therapist. I think you are genuine and you are helping me on deeper levels not just textbook CBT. I love the things that you have taught me and I’m glad I was willing to do the work and listen. I’m doing well. I feel some happiness. You’ve given me these great tools I can use. Now when things come up I don’t get overwhelmed or upset. Pulling is less and less and less. I can feel my eyelashes coming in after pulling for thirty years since I was 9 years old. It gives me a sense of hope. I make it a point to listen to the CDs. I always get something more out of it that I didn’t hear before. I have a new feeling inside. I am more confident. I can do this.   –D.S.

You taught me to manage my stress without having to resort to medication.

I was once a patient of yours, back in 2004. You helped me develop some wonderful coping techniques for anxiety and I was able to use what you taught me to manage my stress without having to resort to medication. I’ve been working at the same company I was when I first started treatment with you and life has been good!     -V.S.


My life is 180 degrees better… much better relationship with my family…take or leave alcohol…

I was always having heated arguments with my wife and was very distant with my son. I focused on work more than family and drank alcohol nightly and excessively on weekends. I did not express my feelings. Now I have a much better relationship with my immediate and extended family. I seek to understand my feelings before I speak. I can take or leave alcohol and very rarely become too intoxicated. I appreciate my life and time with my family. My life is 180 degrees better than when I started coming here.    –K.T.


Dr. Dufford, you truly are a godsend…

My husband and I have a WWDDD joke. Have you heard the old popular acronym “WWJD” – What would Jesus do?” – as a way of living a life of compassion? Anyway, for anxious and emotional and stressful situations sometimes my husband and I get a kick out of saying WWDDD — “What would Dr. Dufford do?” You truly are a godsend in fullest sense of that word.      –S.V.


Let me start off by saying that Dr. Dufford is just an incredible and kind person to work with and he can, and will help you with whichever type of anxiety you may be experiencing.

That being said, I first started seeing Dr. Dufford almost a year ago because of severe anxiety attacks and PTSD stemming from a serious accident that my wife was involved in. A day after that nightmarish evening, I had my first panic attack and later that week I ended up in the emergency room. Since then, I suffered from other symptoms such as chest pains, fatigue, trouble getting out of bed, fear of having a heart attack and dying as a result of the panic attacks, shortness of breath, and so on. I was even afraid to exercise because I feared getting my heart rate up and triggering another panic attack.

I started seeing Dr. Dufford a whole year after all of these symptoms first started and I only wish I would have started seeing him much sooner. Dr. Dufford taught me how to be able to relax during high anxiety situations and in relatively calm situations as well by means of a few different techniques such as deep breathing exercises and following guided imagery CDs that he recorded for me personally while I was in his office. The CD is a great tool that would go through breathing exercises and muscle tension and relaxation and through positive self talk that I found extremely useful in relieving anxiety. He also used biofeedback by connecting me to a system that would monitor by breathing along with my heart rate that would help me get into coherency which would alleviate any anxiety at that moment. I also learned that I could stop the chain of negative thoughts that went on in my head that in turn caused anxiety and eventual panic. I learned to not fear anxiety, however uncomfortable it may feel, and that revelation made any worries and anxiousness dissipate rapidly. Dr. Dufford’s use of EMDR also helped in getting out any past issues that may have been causing my PTSD.

Thanks to Dr. Dufford, I have been feeling much, much better and I now know how to manage any anxiety that may arise once in a while. Overall I feel like I have accomplished so much with Dr. Dufford. I no longer get anxious about being anxious (anxiety sufferers know what I mean) and that was something that used to totally freak me out, but it doesn’t anymore. I now know what anxiety is, what causes it in me and what it can and more importantly CAN’T DO to me.  So, as a result, anxiety bouts last very little and are nowhere close to the levels that they used to be at.

So, If you are suffering from any type of anxiety, don’t wait as long as I did to get help, it is totally worth it. You won’t be just helping yourself, but also all those that love you as well. Dr. Dufford, THANKS!!! -O.N.


My life is much better now. I shall always be grateful…

I received short term therapy from Dr. Dufford. He used EMDR as a tool to help me overcome past trauma (PTSD) and anxiety it was very helpful and my life is much better now. I shall always be grateful to Dr. Dufford.    –S.A.


I was in such a bad state (of depression and social anxiety).  I really owe my life to you.

I was skeptical at first but I can’t believe the changes I’ve had. Other people are telling me how different I am. At Thanksgiving dinner my mother said she was grateful for the changes she’s seen in me.  Dr. Dufford, you are my hero for helping me. You are the first person I’ve seen who didn’t just sit and ruminate over the past or just send me out with medication. You gave me tools on how to deal with it. I was in such a bad state – I really owe my life to you.    – D.A.


…his treatment would go beyond and fundamentally change me to be a better person… Now, I have much better and fulfilling relationships. It is like getting a second chance at life.

Dr. Dufford is an excellent doctor and I am quite lucky to find him. He is not part of my insurance network, but I still went to him for treatment of Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia and OCD. He has vast experience with treating anxiety related problems. One aspect that I did not anticipate was that his treatment would go beyond and fundamentally change me to be a better person, develop fulfilling relations, inner perspectives, etc. In the past I was too much focused on my career. Now I have much better and fulfilling relationships with myself, family, friends and neighbors. I cannot emphasize enough in words how much difference this makes. It is like getting a second chance at life. I believe this other part has more to do with Dr. Dufford than any techniques I can point to.

I have made significant progress. I joined a fast growing company as a full time employee. The location is fifteen miles from my house. I don’t have any of my prior fears of driving, going to get a haircut, meeting friends, eating out, working, shopping, etc. Contrast this to my situation a year back – I was suffering with anxiety and depression for several years, was out of a job for multiple years, unable to go out of the house without a support person, unable to drive on my own, due to fear of panic attacks and some periods unable to even go out of the house at all.

Dr. Dufford’s approach is very gentle and he has lots and lots of patience. His mp3s are a great complement to therapy and I listen to them fairly frequently. There were multiple times in the last year when I reached out to him outside session hours because I found it difficult to wait until the next session. Sometimes it was late in the night. He was always available and always helpful. This also made a huge difference in my recovery as it provided tremendous confidence (i.e., I have someone I can fall back on for help) in facing my fears. Most of my therapy with Dr. Dufford was on the phone because at first, I was not able to go to his office even with a support person. The phone sessions worked so well for me that I just continued on phone even after I recovered.

To all reading this review, if you/your loved one is suffering with illness like above, having seen the difference Dr. Dufford and his therapy made in my (and my family’s) life, I cannot emphasize enough… PLEASE seek professional medical help. There is light at the end of the tunnel!!! It may be hard to believe if you are in the midst, but know this…. You WILL come out and as a much BETTER person than when you went into the tunnel. I wish you luck and god speed.    –S.G.


I am actually enthusiastic, looking forward to my next speech. Overall I feel more grounded, in touch with my feelings and happier.

I had extreme anxiety interacting in social group situations and used alcohol to mitigate feelings of anxiety. Public speaking was a nightmare and was affecting my work performance. I was overwhelmed with physical symptoms, pounding heart, pulse racing, sweating. My thoughts were blocked by fear. Now I feel completely confident that I can function effectively at work giving presentations, running meetings and interacting with groups in a leadership role. My boss even praised my last presentation as a good example of how to make these types of presentations. I joined toastmasters and gave a first speech that got nice evaluations. I am surprised I’m actually looking forward to my next speech.  I feel calmer in social situations, more comfortable speaking up. I interact with strangers more. Overall, I feel more grounded, in touch with my feelings and happier.     –L.M.


Therapy probably saved our marriage. It’s an overall blessing and positive impact on my life.

When I started therapy I had feelings of guilt, anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, marital and work related issues. I learned to label OCD and practiced ERP consistently which helped me a lot.  Now I am able to reduce the anxiety easily and not feel guilty. I look at my OCD stuff as not a big deal anymore. Therapy sessions have helped a lot, probably saved our marriage – helped us get through. It’s an overall blessing and a positive impact on my life. Dr. Dufford, I really appreciate the service you provided me.  –R.A.


…a broken, scared person trapped by my own mind and body at the lowest I have ever been in life. Dr. Dufford has helped me get back to the person I was before all this panic started, except BETTER!!

Those of you looking for a quick review of Dr. Dufford here’s my review…

Dr. Dufford is amazing and a life saver. I give him two thumbs up!! Actually 8 thumbs up because by helping me he has helped my entire family. We are all so grateful to him. I highly suggest that if you suffer from any anxiety or panic disorder that you do whatever you can to see him. Take the day off from work, a long lunch, find a sitter for the kids, drive however far you need to drive, rearrange your schedule, whatever it is you need to do to make it possible, do it!! He. Can. Help. You.

Those of you looking for the “how” Dr. Dufford helped, here’s my story of how Dr. Dufford saved me… In November 2012 I developed Panic Disorder. I have never had a panic attack before but one night I got a migraine headache (which again I never had before) that was so severe that it caused an enormous amount of nausea, to lose my hearing and then my sight. Well once I lost my sight is when I got so scared that I gave myself a panic attack. My heart started pounding crazy fast, I felt my throat closing and I couldn’t breathe and soon passed out, in front of my poor husband who thought I was dying. I woke up with my two girls (ages 11 and 16 at the time) my husband, paramedics and our neighbors standing around me. The paramedic then took me to the emergency where I had all sorts of tests done to me with the final result as being “hmmm…  you’re pretty much the healthiest person in here. Not sure what happened but you are fine now and we don’t think you have anything to worry about.” There was no mention of panic attacks. O.K., great I thought… must have just been a weird fluke or something.

So the week goes by and everything is back to normal. Then six days later I wake up in the middle of the night, heart pounding, can’t breathe and feeling like I am dying again. I grab my hubby and he quickly calls 911. Again, back to the emergency room and same thing, I’m fine. All tests are normal and still no mention of panic attacks. After being sent home, it keeps happening. Every time I try to sleep BAM! So I finally get an appointment with my regular doctor and he explains to me that what I have is Panic Disorder.

I felt so helpless and the next month was by far the hardest month I have ever lived through. I never knew when these horrible panic attacks would happen. Sometimes I would just walk around a corner and BAM. Before I became aware that panic attacks seem to come out of nowhere I had a panic attack while driving on the freeway with my daughters which was horrible for me and terrifying for my girls. From that moment on I know that could not be alone. I was living like I was a 90 year old… someone needed to take me to the grocery store, someone had to drive me and the girls to school drop off and pick up. Soon I became agoraphobic and never left my husband’s side. Thank goodness he works from home, but it was obviously very hard for him.

This is about the time when my husband found out about Dr. Dufford online and I called him for help. From the very first session I had with Dr. Dufford he gave me hope that I can be helped. He gave me tools and material right away so I could start learning and making my mind stronger and looking at my panic in a whole different light, one that wasn’t so scary. It felt so good to be doing something and starting to have control of my panic attacks besides just waiting and worrying about when they will happen.

One of my favorite tools that Dr. Dufford has is his Mp3s. They are amazing! His voice is the most calming, relaxing, safe, soothing, warm sound to listen to all while helping you learn to deal with panic. I listened to his Mp3s every day and still do not because I need to anymore, but because they are just so fantastic. And what’s great is the time of the Mp3s is that they are all around 17 minutes so they are quick to listen to.

I came to see Dr. Dufford a broken, scared person trapped by my own mind and body at the lowest I have ever been in life. Dr. Dufford has helped me get back to the person I was before all this panic started, except BETTER!! I am so much more calm, relaxed, less stressed and I’ve learned so much about myself. I went from never leaving my husband’s side to traveling across the country in an airplane with my kids with ease… actually it was one of the most relaxing flights I’ve ever had.

I truly believe that Dr. Dufford saved my life. He gave me the tools I needed to free myself of stress, panic and worry. I am forever grateful to him. Thank you Dr. Dufford.!!


I had no hope. I could not live the life I wanted… Dr. Dufford helped me get my life back.

Dr. Dufford was my last chance. I had been struggling with my fears for 35 (!!) years and I was going to try one last time or just learn to live with my limited life. To the outsider, everything looked fine because I was very accomplished with keeping my phobias a secret but I knew the truth. I was unable to travel. This caused me tremendous grief as I wanted to know that I could go visit friends or children without needing to have my husband (my safe person) come with me. At one point, my child was going to college out of state. He commented how the other parents would come visit but I never did. That brought me tremendous pain. There were business trips I needed to go on but could not go unless I brought my husband with me. This does not look like a huge problem but the feeling that I was living my life within these arbitrary limits brought me considerable pain and depression.  I recall how I would be enjoying a very beautiful day and then feel this tremendous sadness because I could not live the life I wanted. Before I contacted Dr. Dufford, I felt like I had no hope.

When I started with Dr.Dufford, I asked him not to give up on me and he never did. He gave me innumerable tools to use to get through my phobias. I saw him over 25 times and at each visit I learned something new. He gave me practical tools that I could use and a new way of thinking. He helped me to view myself as a different person, not a fearful person but someone who is confident to face whatever I need to. This was likely the most important change of all, just viewing myself in a different way, knowing that I can overcome whatever life throws at me.

My goal was to fly cross-country by myself. When I started, I could not even imagine that I would be successful. However, after nine months of treatment, I flew to Nashville, TN on a business trip by myself. I was completely comfortable on the two flights there and the two flights returning. I also went on another trip immediately after and did things that I would never have thought possible to do related to my various phobias.

I think that the major difference is how I see myself. The old, phobic person is a distant memory. I implore anyone who is dealing with phobias, including fear of flying or fear of traveling to see Dr. Dufford. If I can get over this after suffering for so many years, anyone can. Just don’t give up before you accomplish your goals. Be determined to stick with it because you don’t have to live a life with limits.  Dr. Dufford helped me to get my life back and I will be forever indebted to him.    – J.C.


Overcoming OCD and handling grief and loss…  It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come!

Dr. Dufford, I want to thank you for all the wonderful help you’ve given me over the last six months. The advice, feedback and insight you’ve shared, along with the therapy techniques you’ve used and all the techniques you’ve taught me for overcoming OCD and handling grief and loss have truly helped transform my life for the better. It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come!  It was a lot of work for me and is still an ongoing process, but I couldn’t have done it without all the great tools you taught me. In addition, your kindness, sensitivity, caring and sense of humor made it always very easy for me to feel at ease and comfortable sharing things with you – even the painful things, which were very good to get out and release and experience healing. Thank you sincerely.    – D.H.


You have taught me to know peace, contentment and balance… with a new enjoyment…

Dr. Dufford, I wanted to write and share with you the incredibly good news from the past year. I think of you often and all you have taught me in managing my anxiety. You have taught me to know peace, contentment, and balance with new insight into living my life with a new enjoyment of the calmer side of life than the constant push of the movers and shakers. Anxieties still come into my life when I am not taking care to exercise, eat right, and keep work in balance but you have taught me how to work with a whole new set of tools to conquer the anxieties before they even rate a two on a scale of ten. The breathing exercises especially help me recall all the other tools.

Thank you so much for your guidance, patience, skills and perspectives you have shared with me. You have helped me through a very difficult part of my life and in particular helped me break free of a pattern that was making my life miserable and brought me back to a life that is better than I could have realized. My new wife is truly an absolutely incredible person and I wouldn’t have been ready to meet her without the skills you have taught me. Thank you for all your help!          – J.W.