The term Psychotherapy is generally associated with counseling or talking through issues and gaining insight from feedback from a psychologist or therapist. Dr. Dufford is a trained, naturally empathic listener. He helps clients feel heard, validated, gain insight and solve life problems. He incorporates principles of Positive Psychology helping people identify and access their strengths and inner resources to develop more adaptive coping skills and move forward in life.

Dr. Dufford also incorporates Psychodynamic Psychotherapy which focuses on events of the past and making the client aware of the ramifications of long-buried problems. However, he helps clients get beyond simply talking about childhood by working through these issues on the emotional level, more directly identifying and releasing the underlying emotional energy and core beliefs using hypnotherapy and EMDR. Dr. Dufford has found that it is important to release and heal issues from the past, however, that alone is usually not enough to change behavior in the present – particularly with most anxiety disorders. Therefore, the combination of psychodynamic therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy is generally much more effective.