About Anxiety Treatment Services


Director, Anxiety Treatment Services

Dr. Dufford received specialized training in the treatment of anxiety disorders while completing a two year Clinical Psychology Internship at the Anxiety Treatment Center with Dr. Edmund Bourne author of “The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook”, “Natural Relief for Anxiety” and other titles. Dr. Dufford subsequently took over the Anxiety Support Group and individual therapy clients of the Anxiety Treatment Center when Dr. Bourne left the Bay Area in 1993. Dr. Dufford’s approach incorporates his own expertise and his insightful style of helping people overcome these issues. Dr. Dufford has been conducting therapy in private practice since 1985 and provides psychotherapeutic treatment for related problems such as addictions, depression, self-esteem, relationship and grief counseling. He is the author of the Light living Program and creator of an extensive series of relaxation/guided imagery therapy CDs for Anxiety Disorders and related issues.

Dr. Dufford received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Sierra University, his MA from Cornell University, and his BS from Rutgers University. He is a professional member of the California Psychological Association, the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, Trichotillomania Learning Center and the International EMDR Association and Diplomate of the American College of Professional Mental Health Practitioners. He is a Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and Certified Doctoral Addictions Counselor.

Heidi Koronkowski

Behavioral Coach

Heidi helps people who have anxiety disorders by meeting with them on a one on one basis in their home or phobic situation. Working with Heidi in real life situations can be very effective. She teaches people how to confront and deal with their particular anxiety, phobia or OCD issue using behavioral techniques that she learned while completing her Behavioral Coach training at Anxiety Treatment Services with Dr. Dufford, Clinical Psychologist and Mary Szeles, Behavioral Coach. Heidi also draws on her own personal experience in overcoming severe panic and agoraphobia. Her goal is to provide hands-on, context-sensitive coaching aimed at helping others live symptom free.

Heidi had suffered with anxiety, panic and phobias for over 15 years. After finding limited success through talk therapy and medication she had a severe relapse and realized she needed to find a different kind of help. She found Dr. Dufford and Anxiety Treatment Services. After working with him and using his cognitive-behavioral tools and techniques, she has truly found freedom from anxiety, panic and agoraphobia.
Heidi has served as the Director of Early Childhood Weekend Ministries in Santa Cruz overseeing nearly 150 children a week. During that time she saw many children come into the classroom anxious and fearful being away from their parents for the first time. She successfully worked with these children to help them overcome their fears and anxiety.

Heidi also facilitates a Support Group for Parents of Transgender Children. As a facilitator, her coaching skills are put to work helping parents who are anxious about their own feelings and the transition that their children are experiencing.
Heidi was born in Santa Cruz and lived her entire life in the Bay Area. She has been married for 18 years and has three children.


Behavioral Coach

Nancy Dorger was born and raised in the Bay Area and suffered from anxiety all her life. She attended Humboldt State University and studied Zoology. She was Director of the Youth Educational Services tutorial department on campus, which provided no-cost tutoring to low income children. As director, she provided tools and training for volunteer tutors.

Later, as a zookeeper in Oakland, Nancy was a member of the Behavioral Enrichment Committee, taught behavioral enrichment for the docent classes and wrote and presented two papers on chimpanzee behavior for “Chimpanzoo”, an organization led by Jane Goodall.

In 2001 Nancy changed careers and became Department Manager for Barnes & Noble, in Campbell. As Department Manager she was responsible for management, training, scheduling of staff, and inventory. Unfortunately, in spite of her professional accomplishments Nancy continued to be plagued with anxiety and panic attacks. In 2002, when Nancy turned 40, she made a commitment to address her anxiety and started therapy at Anxiety Treatment Services in San Jose, CA. She followed through with individual therapy with Dr. Dufford and regular participation in the Anxiety Support group.

Today she is free of anxiety and facilitates suppport groups at Anxiety Treatment Services. She has a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to share and enjoys helping others overcome their anxiety issues. In addition she owns and operates her own pet sitting service in South San Jose.

Megan Brubaker,  M.S., M.A.

Doctoral Trainee

Megan Brubaker is completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in neuropsychology at Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University, Megan worked for several years in the Applied Behavioral Analysis field with a wide range of developmental and behavioral disorders in children to young adults.  During this time, she completed her certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis and has accrued over 1,500 supervised hours designing and implementing treatment protocols. She began her graduate training at Palo Alto University where she received her M.S. in Psychology at Palo Alto University (formerly known as the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology). She has completed intensive training in dialectical behavioral therapy as well as experience in CBT treatment for anxiety (SAD, GAD, phobias, BDD, and OCD), depression, and emotion dysregulation. She is a representative of Division 35 of the American Psychological Association, the Society for the Psychology of Women.  She is currently working on a qualitative study on the cultural stigma related to women with serious mental illness. This work has unveiled several clinical applications on women’s perception on their treatment from family, peers, and providers. Megan has extensive assessment experience with functional analysis and behavioral assessments methods from childhood to adults. In her rare but appreciated free time, Megan enjoys being outdoors. She is belay certified and enjoys the personal challenge from rock climbing. She also enjoys running half and full marathons nationwide.